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October 28th, 2004

03:30 pm - PUB CRAWL


i want a pub crawl on NOVEMBER 13TH lets make it happen. its a saturday night. i dont give a shit who comes anyone 18 lets go get fucked, let me know if you want to come an i will give you more detail

show us what you got faggots!!

Current Mood: i dont work

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October 21st, 2004

09:43 pm - CHECK IT!!





Current Mood: touchedtouched in my special area

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September 29th, 2004

01:21 pm

i was bored an did this, an wanted to put it somewhere so yeah

magill road down below
traffic buzzing by
i come here everyday
im just a simple guy

everyday i miss her
she's always in my head
this feeling in my heart
i do not want to shed

everytime i see her
a smile to my face
when she is around
the sadness is erased

in my arms i hold her tight
afraid to let her go
to tell her what she means to me
will she ever know

waiting for the next time
i can see her face
i close my eyes an think of her
her beauty and her grace

so i sit at my desk
looking at the sky
waiting for the day to end
im just a simple guy

Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: Poison The Well - A Wish For Wings That Work

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August 30th, 2004

03:00 pm - They call me Emomaximus

my brain is going crazy, im worried about bernie she seems sad and stuff and theres hardly anything i can do, its good she told me whats wrong but think she might need talk to one of her friends whos always there for her, i would love to be there always but i cant cause work/school etc. i wish i could somehow make her happier and take all the shitness away and only way i can thinkof doing that is seeing her more which even cant an thats ok cause she needs to finish school good, i stuffed it all up an im lucky i got a job through people i know rather than on knowledge otherwise i would be screwed. i just hope she knows how much i appreciate her an need her and how she makes me happy. im always thinking about her and makes me sad when i know theres somethin wrong with her. its hard sitting here at work an only thinking of things and the days are just longer an longer now especially since i started missing bernie more, last week was probably the worse and think it was cause was with hermost of saturday an bit on sunday. oh well theres not much left of school left an will be able to do more stuff after then.

the 19th is a good day, it just means another month has gone past we been together. other good days are fridays cause they mean weekend an mean i get to see bernie which is what i look forward to all week. i really hope everything works out for her and i will try to do as much as i can to help her get through what shes going through.


my weekend was alright friday i got see bernie an dragged her to my bball game which im sure she would have found boring, saturday i went town got cds, then went to town in the night, sunday had two games of bball. im in finals for bball - games start this friday an if we win we play on sunday as well. show starts soon. i just finished at 3:43, oh well ive had my emoness im done

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July 25th, 2004

11:14 pm - This Is My Last.......Goodbye Kiss
im sitting here listening to I Killed The Prom Queen - To Kill Tomorrow its super song, i've seen these guys basically evolve in there music an cant believe how far they have come an now they are in america yeah well enough dribbling.

ok first of all.

friday - bball was at marion, stupidly crap driving up there but what can you do an worse making it was at 945. it was like right near the footy club that Ryan (off big bro) plays at an they were having like a massive party cause he got kicked out. but yeah after losing at bball drove all way home again, had shower an watched ferris buellers day off an then it was like 3am an went bed.

saturday - went with brian to get dicks birthday present an got him some uggies bloody cost us $55 but oh well worth it they are wicked ones, yeah part from that an stuffing around at westlakes, then we made dick a card when got home which was heaps good an wrapped up the uggies in a oversized box an then i ditched brian an went picked up bernadette :D an went movies then had to take her home an rush back to dicks [an for all you people that dont know {people that i dont even know but read my post thingos} dick is basically my best mate ADRIAN DICK an im not refering to anyone as dick except him] .scoffed some food an downed a beer at his house then the bus came an we headed towards town (insert numerous moonings from a variety of people). we got in town went pubs (insert missing memory here), i pretended to be gay most the night so girls would leave me alone cause i dont need or want any of them cause i got the best. ummm but yeah $100+ later, got home about 6ish i think, passed out on bed end of story

sunday - woke up not well, ment to have bball practice but didnt go. walked around dicks an got my car an then we all went to westlakes an ate subway then went home a bit an had a bball game laterer in the night (bout 630ish), most the team was hung over but we still won so that was goodo

so yeah anyway this is my last entry thingo cause things i say on here well anywhere always get taken the wrong way unless im standing in front of poeple saying it. especially if wrong people that i dont know an dont know me are reading this an will just get the wrong picture of me an how i feel an i dont want that, thats half the reason i didnt want to start one of these in the first place. an i dont want it to sound as if im being mean to people or anything like that especially to people like bernadette cause she really means so much to me i cant explain, i love having her around me, shes one the nicest person i have met an im always thinking about her, an i would do just about anythin for her and i dont want anything going wrong cause of somethin stupid like these things being taken the wrong way, i would just hate myself if that was to happen

well hope all you poeple i know an dont have enjoyed reading the shit i write an to you all farewell an have a goodnight
Current Mood: sadan tired
Current Music: I Killed The Prom Queen - To Kill Tomorrow

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July 23rd, 2004

02:43 pm - He Cant Surf, He Cant Skate, An He Sure Cant Masturbate No More, Guess If He Was Sad That Day
well well well hopefully this piece of shit doesnt be stupid again an delete all the dribble im about to write, otherwise i will not be a happy chappy.

thursday night (last night) me an the brizeeeee went to the big WL (westlakes) to look for something for lil dicks birthday, also went to the dvd shop an seen drew cause i had 2 $30 vouchers for there. i did the usual racking up of about 5 on layby an took 2 home, freddy got fingered an dude wheres my car. they were ment to be $35 each an i used the $60 worth of vouchers an drew gave me $5 change hahah booyeah, drews a champ. then we went around a bit more looked around kmart an harris scarfs but couldnt find what we were after to give him as a present so then we headed home, an on way home i remember that i forgot the bloody bananas an tomatos mum wanted me to get an i also forgot to get the bloody thing from the post office to send a cd to aleks gggrr so pissed off about that cause keep forgetting!! then we headed towards home but went to acmerons on the wayto pick up brians hellfest dvd which i got as well an its cool not coolest but cool.i watched all of it on wednesday night, no hangon it was tuesday night yep . got home last night an watched freddy got fingered hahah its funny as poo.

tonight i got bball at 9.45 at marion which sucks bit of balls cause soo far away an its late, but oh well we better win an we should actually get close to being in the finals so that be good. um tomorrow i not really sure what doing in the day, im ment to be going with brian to look again for a present for dick. then im not sre whats happening yet but i think an hope going do stuff with bernadette but not sure whats happening there im heaps confused about it, prbly iceing then prbly going to drive in after but not sure, not heaps fussed what we do but i need to be at dicks house at 10pm to catch the bus into town to be pissed rUNT cause we going pub crawl for his bday (19th bday) an well hopefully i will have enough money cause acsh flow aint looking too good at the moment hahah spending it alllll got like $120ish left an that will beused saturday an dont get paid til like not next week but week after :( oh well i will live an scab i guess hahaha

sunday im ment to be having bball practice in the morning but really dont think that will be happening due to saturday night, an well i not really got anything else planned for sunday cause was ment be doing somehtin with bernadette but had change the to sat night before dicks cause she working. so no idea but i think we got a bball game like laterer in the night prbly about 6ish so hopefully will be feeling better by then. so yep thats my weekend pretty boring an average but welcome my life.....

oh yeah an Helen i will meet you behind the bike racks after school, im gonna mess you up fool
Current Mood: confusedWhat The Hell Going On?
Current Music: Satanic Surfers - 666 Motor Inn/Hero Of Our Time

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02:35 pm - Satanic Surfers - Use A Bee
Satanic Surfers so hit it right on the head ages ago with this song. about people only doing stuff cause its "cool" at the time, even if they dont believe in it

I thought I knew you but I was wrong when I see you today I don't understand how could you change that much it's your life I won't tell you how to live it but question you and your ideals what did you believe in was it just an attitude you thought was cool back then? Once you wanted to change the world but the world changed you you won't admit it's true you've become what you hated most of all back then now you've betrayed all those ideals that you once believed in or was it just an attitude you thought was cool back then Now you've become a statistic figure a number on a list with no personality or individuality just a status climber with materialistic needs who soon will live in the United States of Europes Asshole Beurocrates
Current Mood: blankblank
Current Music: Satanic Surfers - Hero Of Our Time

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July 21st, 2004

11:05 am - HELEN you better watch your back!!
Ive decided that helen your going down, im gonna kick your arse. you took one step too far putting shit on my red pants. now next time i see you your gonna get punched in the face an not the frenzal rhomb song punched in the face. you give me the shits an piss me off heaps an ive never said aything like this before cause i didnt wanna cause trouble with our friends that are within the same group. you just cant understnad how much you piss me off, everytime i see you i just wanna kick you or something but never have a real chance to get you while no one is looking so i can just pretend it was an accident. so im just giving you a warning...you better watch ya back you bitch

hahahahah nah just joking your tops helen even if ya do smell like a monkeys arse, plus your the one who reads my journal the most :P bye bye
Current Mood: gloomygloomy was a pokemon i think
Current Music: trustkill records - blood, sweat, an ten years

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July 18th, 2004

02:58 pm
what a piece of shit i wrote sooo much its not funny an its all gone cause i clicked the WRONG FUCKEN BUTTON IM SO PISSED OFF

BASICALLY THIS is what i wrote

friday: bball, called coach a wanker etc, spoke bernadette was good i miss her lots, went shopping stole from woolies (sam, this guy who works at woolies had like a boot full)

saturday: put up big tent thing in backyard, went to target played with stuff looked for cds they got shit all, seen bernadette :D :D that made day goodo, felt like looked at whole time at target, was at target for 4 hours playing with stuff, come home went bottle-o, people started to show, cant remember lots, i drank lots, got some alright things, bernadetts friend come (nicole) but shes not bernadette so didnt make a difference, adrians cumquat girl was there (the one who went on about the cumquat fruit at bretts party), last poeple left at about 3ish or 4ish i not remmeber, my whole night is pretty patchy an missin some pretty big chunks in it

sunday (today): ment have bball practice but i not go, had get up earlyish an pull tent down, Bian (bi ryan) messaged saying we not got game tonight but i actually wanted to play tonight i felt like playing, gotta go chanelles give her wallet to her cause left it here, have shower an thats about it for today i think, wouldnt mind doing somethin with bernadette but not going to bother asking, will just wait til thursday an try then cause hopefully stuff be goodo by then

im heaps shitted off about how much i wrote before an now its all gone cause i clicked the farken rich text button an not the more options one!!!! oh well ive had about enough, lets hope i click the right one this time!! GGGGRRRRRRR

oh yeah an all you arses who read this leave me a comment cause i hardly ever get any an if you give me one i will give you one!!!
Current Mood: crankystill pissed off
Current Music: Killchoir Project - Murder At The Holiday Inn

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02:56 pm - Do You Know How Far Forever Really Is?





Current Mood: crankyPISSED OFF

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