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He Cant Surf, He Cant Skate, An He Sure Cant Masturbate No More, Guess If He Was Sad That Day - Welcome To The Land Of Jeff

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July 23rd, 2004

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02:43 pm - He Cant Surf, He Cant Skate, An He Sure Cant Masturbate No More, Guess If He Was Sad That Day
well well well hopefully this piece of shit doesnt be stupid again an delete all the dribble im about to write, otherwise i will not be a happy chappy.

thursday night (last night) me an the brizeeeee went to the big WL (westlakes) to look for something for lil dicks birthday, also went to the dvd shop an seen drew cause i had 2 $30 vouchers for there. i did the usual racking up of about 5 on layby an took 2 home, freddy got fingered an dude wheres my car. they were ment to be $35 each an i used the $60 worth of vouchers an drew gave me $5 change hahah booyeah, drews a champ. then we went around a bit more looked around kmart an harris scarfs but couldnt find what we were after to give him as a present so then we headed home, an on way home i remember that i forgot the bloody bananas an tomatos mum wanted me to get an i also forgot to get the bloody thing from the post office to send a cd to aleks gggrr so pissed off about that cause keep forgetting!! then we headed towards home but went to acmerons on the wayto pick up brians hellfest dvd which i got as well an its cool not coolest but cool.i watched all of it on wednesday night, no hangon it was tuesday night yep . got home last night an watched freddy got fingered hahah its funny as poo.

tonight i got bball at 9.45 at marion which sucks bit of balls cause soo far away an its late, but oh well we better win an we should actually get close to being in the finals so that be good. um tomorrow i not really sure what doing in the day, im ment to be going with brian to look again for a present for dick. then im not sre whats happening yet but i think an hope going do stuff with bernadette but not sure whats happening there im heaps confused about it, prbly iceing then prbly going to drive in after but not sure, not heaps fussed what we do but i need to be at dicks house at 10pm to catch the bus into town to be pissed rUNT cause we going pub crawl for his bday (19th bday) an well hopefully i will have enough money cause acsh flow aint looking too good at the moment hahah spending it alllll got like $120ish left an that will beused saturday an dont get paid til like not next week but week after :( oh well i will live an scab i guess hahaha

sunday im ment to be having bball practice in the morning but really dont think that will be happening due to saturday night, an well i not really got anything else planned for sunday cause was ment be doing somehtin with bernadette but had change the to sat night before dicks cause she working. so no idea but i think we got a bball game like laterer in the night prbly about 6ish so hopefully will be feeling better by then. so yep thats my weekend pretty boring an average but welcome my life.....

oh yeah an Helen i will meet you behind the bike racks after school, im gonna mess you up fool
Current Mood: confusedWhat The Hell Going On?
Current Music: Satanic Surfers - 666 Motor Inn/Hero Of Our Time

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Date:July 22nd, 2004 11:23 pm (UTC)
hi jesf.....

have fun at basketball trainin bro'

HAHAHAH! you westlakes slut... BAHAHAHA! did u see many of them around tomato boy?
Date:July 23rd, 2004 10:09 am (UTC)
u goin to mess me up ?? ok.

see u there.

BAHAHAHA ur a whales penis.
[User Picture]
Date:July 25th, 2004 12:40 am (UTC)
just cause your dreams involve me being a whales penis i dont think its true, i dont want to even think about the rest of your dream with what you do with me as a whales penis lol you sick lil girl. an yep but now i changed it to behind the sheds at school where all the cool kids smoke, your gonna kiss the ASSfault (yes i cant spell.....shut up)

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